What is Healthier SG?

Healthier SG helps you build long-term care plan through a dedicated family doctor of your choice. From fully-subsidised health screenings and vaccinations, removal of cash-copayment requirement when you use MediSave, to earning health points for exercising, the program aims to make staying healthy and getting healthcare more affordable and accessible to all Singaporeans. 

It is an initiative by the Ministry of Health and rolled out first for residents aged 60 and above, and residents aged 40 and above with a chronic condition, starting July 2023 via SMS invitations. Charazoi Medical Clinic is a Healthier SG-registered clinic.

Benefits of Healthier SG

  • Having a dedicated GP doctor who is with you at every step of your healthcare journey.
  • Developing a personalised healthcare plan, including prevention of high-risk diseases that you may otherwise overlook.
  • Receiving additional subsidies for treatment of chronic diseases and full subsidies for health screenings and recommended vaccinations.
  • Earning redeemable health points and other benefits.

Your Healthier SG Journey with Us

Healthier SG Your Journey

Step 1: Appoint Us

  • Select Charazoi Medical Clinic on HealthHub App after receiving enrolment invite SMS from MOH.

Step 2: Visit Us

  • Schedule your first and free appointment with us.
  • Discuss your health goals, medical history and develop personalised health plan with our doctor.

Step 3: Take Charge

Step 4: Check-In

  • Receive reminders for check-ins.
  • Stay in touch with our doctor via scheduled reviews, tele-consultations and clinic visits.

FAQ - Questions About Healthier SG Our Clinic Is Asked the Most

What benefits and subsidies will I get when I join Healthier SG?
  • One-time free first Health Plan consultation with your chosen clinic.
  • Healthpoints worth $20 after the first Health Plan consultation.
  • Fully subsidised nationally recommended screenings and vaccinations (Singaporean citizens only).
  • Healthier SG Chronic Tier, which provides subsidies of up to 87.5% on whitelisted chronic medications, depending on income level for CHAS cardholders with high medication requirements and bills (early 2024 onwards).
  • Using MediSave to fund Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) without cash co-payment (early 2024 onwards)

Is Healthier SG free?
  • Enrolment for Healthier SG is free. The first health consultation after enrolment is also free. You will receive 3,000 Healthpoints after registration and completion of your first visit to discuss your personal Health Plan (150 health point = $1)

Can I change or visit other clinics after I enrol for Healthier SG?
  • You can visit other clinics, or change to another Healthier SG clinic. However, ‘doctor hopping’ will defeat the main purpose of enrolling in Healthier SG. Sticking to one Healthier SG GP doctor and clinic enables long-term patient and doctor relationship, which is essential for providing the best care to you.

Is Healthier SG mandatory?
  • It is not mandatory. You can take the necessary time to reflect on your health care goal and select the doctor and clinic you are most comfortable with before signing up.

Can I register to Healthier SG without using the app?
  • The HealthHub app is necessary not just for enrolment in Healthier SG, but also for future interaction between you and the dedicated GP doctor. It also helps you stay healthier through national programs or community activities near you. If you have difficulty downloading or using the app, you can join a Healthier SG roadshow or ask the staff for help at a Healthier SG clinic during your next visit. Find a roadshow near you here.

Have another question? Please feel free to call our clinic during business hours to have it answered.

How to Sign Up for Healthier SG with Charazoi Medical Clinic

  • Filling in and submitting the form below, or by calling us at 6802 7972, or emailing us at appts@charazoi.com.
  • You can also enquire about the program during your visit to our clinic.
  • Alternatively, wait for the invite SMS from MOH and sign up with us on HealthHub app. SMS enrolment starts from July 2023 for residents aged 60 years and above, and residents aged 40 and above with a chronic conditions, followed by other age groups.

Enrol for Healthier SG with Us