Tele-Consult our Doctors Conveniently from Home

Feeling unwell but not wanting to travel and queue up at the clinic? Our tele-doctors are here to help. Connect to our GP doctors hassle-free from home for a restful recovery.

When to Tele-Consult our Online Doctors

  • Non-urgent common illnesses:
    • runny nose, cough, sore throat
    • stomachache, diarrhoea, vomiting
    • fever
    • headache
    • muscle strain
  • Skin conditions:
    • rashes, itch, allergy
    • eczema, skin infection

How to Tele-Consult our Doctors

  • Book your appointment via call, WhatsApp or our booking system here.
  • Tele-consultation details will be shared once your appointment is confirmed.
  • After the tele-consultation, medications will be delivered to you within the day. Your medical certificate (MC) will also be issued if required.
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Enjoy The Convenience of Our Extended Telemedicine Services

Charazoi NEW Icon

Enjoy The Convenience of Our Extended Telemedicine Services

Charazoi NEW Icon

Enjoy The Convenience of Our Extended Telemedicine Services

  • Need online consultation with a doctor but don’t have a laptop at hand? Use Charazoi Telemedicine Kiosk! Located centrally within Jalan Besar Stadium and equipped with touchscreen, microphone, speakers and various vital sign measurement devices, you can conduct your tele-consultation with our doctors in the privacy of the telemedicine pod and pick up your medication instantly after the consultation.
  • Need OTC medication after the usual pharmacy opening hours? You can purchase it anytime for all your health and travel needs from our 24-Hour Pharmacy located at the same spot as the Charazoi Telemedicine Kiosk.
Charazoi Medical Clinic_Teleconsultation Kiosk with 24 Hour Pharmacy_Exterior
Exterior of Charazoi Telemedicine Kiosk
Charazoi Medical Clinic_Teleconsultation Kiosk_Inside
Inside Charazoi Telemedicine Pod

Why Use Charazoi Medical’s Online Consultation Service

  • Charazoi Medical is a Healthier SG, CHAS and Medisave accredited clinic.
  • Our online consultation service is integrated seamlessly with other clinic-based, kiosk-based and home-based services to provide you with comprehensive health care round the clock. Our doctors can monitor your home recovery progress, visit you at home or arrange for other allied care services if necessary (nursing procedure, palliative care, etc.).
  • You can take advantage of long-term personalised care for all your GP and family care needs, including your health screening schedule, vaccination needs, and chronic disease management.

Our Telemedicine Operating Hours

  • Online Doctor Consultation: Weekdays 9AM to 12PM, and 2PM to 5PM, from your home or Charazoi Teledoctor Kiosk.
  • OTC and Pharmacy Medication Purchase: All days, 24 hours from Charazoi Telemedicine Kiosk.

Book a Tele-Consultation with Us

The booking button below will redirect you to an external website for appointment slot selection and instant confirmation.

If you are an existing patient or have other enquiries, please WhatsApp or call us during clinic hours.

Find Our Teledoctor Kiosk with 24 Hour Pharmacy Here